interactive flash map
The PLAIN Map Series Specification

“Plain (clear) – adjective. Obvious,
or clear and easy to see or understand; not complicated.”
(Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

• Map Depth: One Level Deep
• Number of Buttons: Up to 250
• Selection: Areas and/or Cities
• Dimensions: Resizable/Scalable
• Average Dimensions: width 300-700 px, height 200-600 px
• KB Size: 10 - 130 KB (average: 40 KB)
• SWF Optimization: Fast Load
• Compatibility: High
• Customizability: High

NO programming language knowledge (ASP, PHP & MYSQL or XML) required edit/use the maps. No advanced Flash knowledge required to use the maps. Basic experience with Flash 5 is highly beneficial.

We Can Make Any Custom Changes To Your Maps:

• We can create fully unique maps for you, base on your requirements.
• Set your logo, copyright and advanced content (sounds, video etc.)
• Set for you a unique map color scheme
• Set regions/areas clickable with your unique hyperlinks
• Display pop-up messages on mouse click regions/areas/cities

Order your interactive map!

If you can't find the map which you need, please contact us. For more details about editing, please visit our FAQ section.