Assigning an action to a button (linking a button to a URL):

1. Open a FLA-file and unlock the "buttons" layer.

2. Select a button (region, district, county or city) instance and choose Window > Actions. Note: If have you accidentally selected something other than the button or if the selection includes multiple objects, the Actions panel will be dimmed.
3. In the Toolbox list on the left side of the panel, click the Basic Actions category to display the basic actions.

4. Drag the "Get URL" action from the Basic Actions category on the left to the Actions list on the right side of the panel. Flash automatically inserts the On Mouse Event code to trigger the action.
5. Type the desired URL in the "URL" box.

6. Close the Action Panel

7. Repeat steps 2 and 6 for all the buttons as necessary.

8. Save and publish updated file.