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FLA and SWF files. Editing

What is the FLA?
FLA is the commonly used format by Macromedia Flash software. This is the source code of the published (SWF format) Flash animations. The Flash 5 format FLA supported by the following programs: Macromedia Flash 5, Flash MX, Flash MX 2004 and Flash 8.

• Can we change the links on the Interactive Map that we purchased without ordering a new map?
• Where I can find the program to edit FLA files with?
• How do I get the values of the regions that were clicked? I need to redirect the user depending on what region was clicked.
• Can I have instructions to place this map into PowerPoint?
• The file I purchased has an FLA extension. Is there a way to convert this file to SWF file or to files with different extensions?
• Can I show map states (districts/counties/provinces/cities etc.) name in Chinese (French/Japanese/Korean/German/Cyrillic/Arabic etc.) characters?
• I want to have my logo on your map. Which formats can I insert onto your map?
• How many cities can you add to the map? Can I increase/decrease the number of cities?
• Is it possible to have one more step added to that zoom option? I mean: you click on country and you get zoom to a regions map?
• The size of the map you are offering is 500x300 px. Is it possible to buy the map with different size, e.g. 400x200 px?
• We want to have a custom navigation map? We want to change colors, fonts, put our logo on the map, what do we do in this case?
• We are looking to purchase a clickable map for our website that is easy to link pages to. Are your maps easy to upload on our website and easy to work with, or does it require specific knowledge?
• Do your maps comply with databases?

Payments and Discounts

How can I buy these maps?
(a) Simply click on the "Buy Now!" button. How does “Buy Now!” work?
(b) All payments are processed by PayPal an eBay company.
(c) Upon completion of the order, you will immediately receive the email confirmation with the URL to download ZIP file of the map you have purchased.

• I cannot use PayPal for various reasons. Do you have any payment option besides PayPal?
• Do you have any discounts for purchase of multiple maps?

• I can pay by credit card, can you accept that?
We do accept credit cards payments through PayPal payment system.

PayPal is an account-based system that lets anyone with an email address securely send and receive online payments using their credit card or bank account. It is the most popular and secure way for merchants to accept credit cards on their on-line storefronts instead of using a traditional payment gateway.

Registration with PayPal takes just a few seconds.

Map Ordering

Can I order maps that are not listed or get a custom map created for me? Could you quote me a price for a customized map?
Yes, you can order any map of any place/region/territory/city/area of the world. Please contact us for your FREE quote. Do not forget to get us a brief map description, please.

• I would like a map of city regions. Can you design it for me?
• I have a business in 5 areas of a country. Can I order the map with non-standard map areas?
• I found your site and would like to purchase and customize your flash map. Can you contact me by phone?


I have just bought a map but the download is not working due to bad internet connection. Can you let me know what I should do to get the map I purchased?
The product which you purchased will available for downloading within 7 days. Just try to download ZIP file again using our unique link which was sent to you in conformation email. If you did not received the conformation email please click here

• When I try to unzip the zip file, an error appears saying that the file could not open as it is either invalid or corrupted. What I should do?


A clickable interactive flash map is NOT a geographic or topographic map. This is an advanced navigation system for your site or presentation. Each region/area/city/state/province/territory/district depicted on the map is merely a button that links to the appropriate page on your site or a slide on your presentation.

• If I purchased a map would I be able to start at the provinces and click through to the streets?
• I need a printable high resolution hardcopy of MyRegion, MyCountry Map, not an interactive flash map. Do you provide printed maps?
• I require a street level map for the city of… Do you have this?


This fully-clickable map will allow you to improve and simplify the navigation on your website and provide visitors with better and quicker access to information. The attractive industry-leading map design will also improve the overall look of your website.

Downloadable ZIP archive. Available immediately.

Our maps are customizable, you will be able to:

• Change map colors (borders, backgrounds, "roll-overs" etc.)
Change map dimensions
• Add/Update/Delete labels (Countries, Regions, Cities etc.)
• Add/Update/Delete Cities
Add/Update/Delete Links
• Merge/Delete Regions

Prefer not to customize the map yourself? We will do it for you...

• Option 1: Self-serve.
• Option 2: One time setup.
• Option 3: Full-serve.

• All prices are in US Dollars (USD)
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